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15 Beautifully Designed Kitchen Accessories on Amazon

Need your kitchen to have a little extra flair? These beautifully designed kitchen accessories will help with that.

If there's one thing that guests notice, it's a well-maintained kitchen. Kitchens are the place where guests gather, food is prepared, and the house really turns into a home. If you love your kitchen as much as you should, you might as well show it love. 

Renovating a kitchen can be too pricey to afford, but keeping it tidy and stocking it up with beautifully designed kitchen accessories can make a world of difference, too. The following accessories will add some new flair to your home in the best way possible. 

Joule Sous Vide by ChefSteps

Beauty and function are blended together with this amazing sous vide tool. Powered with over 1100 watts of energy, this is one of the most beautifully designed kitchen accessories to help you cook your food to perfection. 

The ChefSteps Joule Sous Vide is used in restaurant kitchens around the world because it's so impeccably accurate. Its slender build makes it ideal for easy storage, while its excellent visual doneness app makes sure your food is never overcooked. 

Bottle Opener by Qualy

If you're looking for a new piece of barware that just knows how to remain visually appealing, check out Qualy's Bottle Opener. Its organic shape, easy grip, and beautifully crisp white coloring will add a modern touch to any kitchen or home bar. 

Fans of organic lines and equipment that match with a striking white kitchen motif will adore this bottle opener. Overall it's just a super cute kitchen gadget under $20.

Ceramic Milk Bottle by Now Designs

Sometimes, the most beautifully designed kitchen accessories money can buy are pretty because of their simplicity. This is a great example of how beautiful simplicity can be. This milk bottle works well as home decor, but also functions well for milk storage. 

If you love the retro act of using a milk or cream bottle in the fridge, this is one accessory you want. If you love the "French farmhouse kitchen" look of having a milk bottle vase, it'll be an accessory you need

White & Egg Yolk Separator by Fusionbrands

Tired of seeing gross-looking egg yolk separators? Fusionbrands created one of the more beautifully designed kitchen accessories on the market for this purpose. This light bulb-like design works by squeezing the bulb's to suction up the yolk and drop it into a separate place.

It's ideal for adding a splash of color to your home, don't you think?

HAY Ori Grinder by MoMA

Designed by modern art duo Anderssen Voll, this grinder looks like it belongs in the Museum of Modern Art. Technically, it does; it's one of the beautifully designed kitchen accessories they made to help fund the MoMA. 

This grinder is ideal for salt and pepper grinding, and for looking extra classy in a midcentury modern style. 

Canister by Now Designs

This beautiful and functional Agate Grey stoneware canister is a perfect storage solution for the person who insists on adding flair to every corner of their kitchen. Whether it's sugar, spices, or just a little extra cereal, these beautifully designed kitchen accessories are perfect for keeping everything nice and organized. 

Stainless Steel Grating Bucket by Eva Solo

Need to grate up that fresh mozzarella? Want grated apple for that new pie filling? This sharp-looking (pun intended) steel grating bucket is a perfect way to get your grate on with minimal mess. The shavings fall into the bucket, which can promptly be added to any meal you're making. 

Fresh mozzarella was never made by a more aesthetically-pleasing kitchen tool.

Stainless Steel Tongs by Sori Yanagi

Tongs generally aren't seen as beautifully designed kitchen accessories, but Sori Yanagi definitely changes the tune of things with this pair. Though they are visually striking, they are incredibly useful and far grippier than you'd expect them to be. 

The tiny holes grab onto food and add a unique twist to an otherwise dull piece of equipment. Pair these with your stainless steel cookware set, and your kitchen will be complete! 

Holscher Kitchen Salt Box by ScanWood

Salt boxes are not exactly the typical thing you'd see in a kitchen, but if you're looking for something to hold salt that you can reach for while cooking, a salt box is for you. This particular box has that perfect Asian-inspired flair that makes it one of the most beautifully designed kitchen accessories that can also be used on a dining table or to keep next to you while cooking. 

It's made of solid Beechwood, remains lightweight, and also comes with a cute salt spoon. It's a perfect gift!

Silicone Hexagon Ice Cube Tray by Outset

If you're looking for beautifully designed kitchen accessories that also add a nice touch to cocktails, you'll love this hexagon ice cube tray. Its stylish honeycomb design is perfect for people who want to make a statement. 

Deep ice cube molds like this are perfect for freezing grapes or just making massive and slower-melting cubes. Even when there aren't ice cubes being made, this tray just looks fabulously modern. 

PSJS Juicy Salif Citrus Squeezer by Alessi

Looking to add a little sci-fi twist to your barware? What about a citrus squeezer that doubles as a centerpiece for your kitchen? Designed by artisan Philippe Starck, this extremely retro-futuristic squeezer is easy to clean and incredibly eye-catching. 

To use this, just pace a glass under the tripod, and use the bulb to squeeze out juice from your favorite citrus fruit. Fresh lemonade just got a lot easier to make!

Cubic Soy Sauce Pot Set by Spin Ceramics

Spin Ceramics is a company that really knows how to drive home beauty in simplicity. Their Cubic Soy Sauce Pot Set is an excellent example of how they can add both flair and function into a pair of items. 

Slightly angled cubes with a small angled opening make this a pair of noticeably modern and visually appealing ways to add a little cream, oil, or soy sauce to your meal. 

Oak and Glass 4.5 Inch Salt and Pepper Shaker Set by Sagaform

Oak and glass come together in this set to make two of the most beautifully designed kitchen accessories out there. This pair of shakers might seem unusual, but they are easy as cake to use. To access the salt and pepper, just lift up the oak balls to reveal the holes in the shaker. 

Subtle design is what makes these so pretty, but make no mistake about it, they're durable as can be. 

Top Dual Compartment Salt Box by RSVP International

Salt boxes definitely tend to be some of the most beautifully designed kitchen accessories out there, and this marble swivel dish shows why. They make perfect little kitchen counter knickknacks, and add a touch of class to any home. 

This compartment box sis made of real marble and offers up two compartments capable of holding 5 ounces each. It offers extra clout in your aesthetics included for free. 

The Original Butter Bell Crock by L. Tremain

The Butter Bell Crock. It's iconic as one of the most beautifully designed kitchen accessories of the 50s. This crock is works to keep butter soft, spreadable, and fresh for up to 30 days—no refrigeration needed! It's the coolest gift for anyone who loves butter.

The Butter Bell is made of high quality ceramics that are designed to be durable, safe, and retain their original hue for years. It's Food Network-approved, frees up fridge space, and looks spectacular.  What more could you need? 

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15 Beautifully Designed Kitchen Accessories on Amazon
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