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10 Fang-tastic Recipes You Can Make Before Sundown on Halloween

I've scoured the internet for vampire-themed recipes that are easy to do and are bloody irresistible

Halloween is just around the corner. I know that these days vampires have been pushed back into their dusty coffins by zombies...

However, being a vampire myself, (shhh, I have faerie blood, hence the daywalking), I feel vampire-themed Halloween parties will never go out of style. That being said, I've scoured the internet for vampire-themed recipes that are easy to do and are bloody irresistible -- your shindig will surely leave a lasting mark on your undead guests.

10. Coffin Sandwiches

You can totally make this finger-food ten minutes before sundown without breaking a sweat. Get the full recipe from kraft here.

9. Ruby Mixer (by Nan Flanagan)

This one comes from the True Blood cookbook, sans the blood though -- for humans. A Tru-Blood drink isn't easy to find nowadays, so why not make your own?! It's a combination of carbonated orange soda, grenadine, and lemon juice. I've tried making this once -- it's a killer!

8. Bloody Good Milkshake Shots

While real blood tastes like metal, I'm pretty sure that this Bloody Good Milkshake Shot recipe will taste more like faerie blood as it's made of everything sweet and nice! This will surely be bloody fun to make for both the maker and progeny (that's jargon for parent and offspring.)! Get the full recipe here.

7. Bloody Candy Apples

A striking combination of red and white -- also a reminiscent of my favorite vampire show. You can get the full recipe of the bloody apples of Jasmin Fine from 1 Fine Cookie on her website here.

6. Blood Clot Spread

No matter how disgusting this looks, it won't be reviled by your guests once they taste it. Head over to this link to get the full recipe. It looks so sinful, but it's low-carb!

5. Blood Clot Biscuits

Soooo gooey and chewey, blood clots never tasted so good. Check out the full recipe here!

4. Jar of Talbot

Two ingredients: Cherry Jello and Cherry Pie Filling. Enough said.

3. Pomegranate Glazed shrimp

... Or if you're allergic to shrimp, you can still check out the full recipe on how to make a delectable pomegranate glaze here.

2. Spooky Hand Halloween Punch

Start 1-2 days ahead to create the hand, but if you'd rather skip that, you can also check out the recipe for the punch.

1. Blood Goes With Everything

Let's be honest, blood makes everything look amazing for Halloween. It's easy to make fake blood too. Just use corn syrup (or corn starch), red food coloring, and cocoa powder. Adjust the amount of each with whatever consistency you're going for, and then apply. 

Source: Pinterest

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10 Fang-tastic Recipes You Can Make Before Sundown on Halloween
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